Latest from Jheelpur

Arban UK is now a registered charity and our Health Care project has received approval from the Bangladesh Government, so with funds now in place, Arban in Dhaka have been able to start work. Activities are currently focused on preparing for the real implementation of the project, which we plan to start in early January 2012.

The preparation activites are under the management of Mohammed Shah NEwaz, the project manager for Arban Bangladesh. He reports..

“We are happy to inform that today (01/12/2011) we have started the health care service in Jheelpar slum. Dr. Tania Sarker Misty has joined with us as a part-time physician of our project. She is an MBBS degree holder physician having five years experience in providing health care support especially to the women and children. She will work 3 days (Sunday, Monday & Thursday) in each week. On the first day she examined 10 patients (2 child & 8 women) and issued prescriptions. A 3 year old boy, affected by Thalassemia also visited our physician. The boy needs to take regular medicines and blood in every 3 to 4 months. However, his family is too poor to bear the cost. We are maintaining a patients’ register. We are taking preparation to purchase some medicine and necessary instruments and hope to provide medicine to the patients from Sunday. The health center management committee (HCMC) helping us a lot.”