Pace Band

Pace bands

A pace band is a great way to ensure you hit your target time. All you do is type in your hoped-for time and the pace band will be created, showing how long it should take to reach each km marker along the race route. You just print it off, cut it out and sellotape around your wrist. As you reach a km marker, glance at your wrist and see if you are ahead or behind schedule. If you are behind, you need to run a bit faster to reach the next km marker. If you are ahead, you can either ease off so that you don’t run out of steam later on, or better yet, aim for a faster time than you originally planned. Some runners choose to wear two pace bands: one for a realistic target and one for their ideal target if things are going well. That enables them to judge how the race is going – much easier than just running and hoping for the best.


Here’s a link to the pace band I use.

Have fun creating your ideal race time!