Visit to Jheelpur

On Saturday 18th June, Matthew Bullock from Arban UK visited Jheelpur slum. As part of this visit he was able to deliver drawings, pictures and letters written by years 2 & 3 at Olveston Primary School to children living in the slum. Children in the slum were able to ask questions about life in the UK and what school is like.

For many of children in the slum there is no school. For others, a small school has been set up within the slum to provide some basic education and for the most fortunate, school is a short journey out of the slum. Akbur (12) was able to read the letter sent to him in English, whilst Taslima (8) did not attend school at all. Arju (10) asked if there was a school uniform and Narboony (9) was interested to hear that some children could not walk to school but had to take car, bus or bike. Matthew met the children in the small school room, built of tin sheets and Nasreen (10) wanted to know if Olveston School looked anything like their school. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming.

The children want to forge links with Olveston School and promised to make some drawings and write letters about their lives in the slum. Photographs of the visit can be seen here.



Photograph: Children holding up the letters and pictures from Olveston