Day 1 – Arrival

We walked into Dhaka airport to the sound of the call to prayer. The halls were marble and bare, no bustling shops as in Dubai where we had changed planes. In Dhaka there was a particular smell; confusion about who was in which queue at immigration and a crush of bodies trying to collect their bags. Very few westerners, mostly Bangladeshi men.

Dr Kamal, head of ARBAN Bangladesh was very excited to see us. He and Atique, the project co-ordinator for our clinic, greeted us with smiles and waves and a tall bunch of pink and yellow flowers each.

We stepped out into the warm afternoon air and into the Dhaka traffic. Buses with scrapes all down the side shove themselves in front of you and tuk-tuks find an extra lane along the verge.

We’ve settled into our flat in Gulshan and been to buy some water. We are all feeling slightly dazed having flown all night and landed in a place vastly different to the villages we left. Tomorrow is a meeting at ARBAN head office and our first trip to the clinic, which I will report on tomorrow evening. S

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