Day 3 – Visiting homes in the slum

Here’s what Jo has written about today:

A very productive and moving day. We spent time in the clinic seeing patients with Dr Misty, and also had a tour of the slum by the woman who is in charge it would seem of all that happens in the slum. We were welcomed in to the home of one of the slum community leaders, (a bamboo shack on stilts – but double decker) , and he gave a very long speech, via translator, thanking us for our support, in enabling the clinic to be built.

There is so much to say that it is impossible in one post, but the thing that has struck me most over the last 2 days, is that most of the mums are very young, and most of them that we have asked have lost 1 or 2 babies in the neonatal period. Dr Misty explained that most births in the slum are attended by a Dae, which is a woman from the community, who is not trained. If something goes wrong, many cannot afford to go to hospital….