Day 6 – sharing clothes

Today we handed out children’s clothes that have been kindly donated by people in our community.

We caused a riot! Mothers with babies and children were jostling outside the clinic to be put on the list for a coupon that would entitle them to receive something. Rahima was in despair. She said it wasn’t always like this, normally they organise the list beforehand but today it was crazy because we were there.

Eventually we decided to abandon the idea of handing out clothes with us there so that it would be done in a more systematic way without us. We handed out just a few bits and bobs to mothers and children who were already in the clinic.

We are keen to share this experience so that we can say to everyone who has donated clothes for Jheelpur Slum, for this trip and before, thank you, they are VERY much appreciated.

This girl below loved this dress, especially the pockets, she kept putting her hands in there, absolutely delighted. Thank you, thank you to all who have donated.