Health Centre construction gets under way

Following the creation of a ‘Health Centre Management Committee’ in the slum, a site in the middle of the slum has been selected and the health centre is now under construction. Project Manager Mohammad Shah Newaz reports :

“You will be happy to know that six days ago the Health Center Management Committee (HCMC) of Jheelpar slum selected a place to establish the health care centre. The place is 180 square feet (18’ X 10’) and located in the middle  of the slum. According to the recent decision of the HCMC, we have started the construction works of the health care center on 21 December’11. The HCMC is supervising the construction works and participating in materials procurement”

“At present, our Physician is providing health care services using a temporary place in the slum with the assistance of our Health Promotion Officer. From 1 December to 21 December’11, we have provided health checkup services to the 282 patients (children 71). Among these patients, 198 received necessary medicines as per the physician’s prescription.  These patients mostly suffering from diarrhea, dysentery, fever, skin disease, cough, asthma, vomiting, weakness, pains etc. few pregnant women also visited our physician for checkup.  We have also referred six persons to the government eye hospital those were suffering from eye diseases. In addition to that, we are providing eggs to one malnourished child of the slum. The people of Jheelpar slum are very happy to get these free services at their doorstep.”

A slide show of the construction can be seen here.