Preparing to visit Dhaka

It is now just over a week until we fly to Dhaka*. Myself, Jo and Charlotte are all excited but also anxious about what we will encounter and how we will cope.

While we are away I will be keeping a blog about what we see and how we feel, to really try and give a sense of what it is like to live in Jheelpur slum.

Jo is a paediatric nurse and is looking forward to working with the doctors in the clinic to find out what sort of cases they see.

I am keen to discuss how the clinic is run and what we need to maintain it each month, so that ARBAN UK can plan for the future and structure fundraising activities accordingly.

Charlotte is 16, on her first trip to the developing world. She wants to train to be a doctor and so is keen to gain experience of our clinic to help her understanding.

We are also taking gifts. Pupils and families from Olveston School have generously donated 114 pencil cases with pencils, felt tip pens, rubbers and rulers, for the children of Jheelpur Slum. I am looking forward to sharing these with the children. It has occurred to me that some of these children may never have held a pen or pencil before, so this gift is going to offer a very valuable experience to them. There is so much we take for granted living in the UK. I hope that through this blog I can share with you some of the life-changing moments we have in Jheelpur Slum.


* Please note that this trip is self-funded. All money raised by ARBAN UK is spent in the slum.