What you give is truly appreciated

We know how difficult it is to give to charity, to trust that your hard-earned cash is going to really make a difference. This is why we are so delighted to have been able to visit the clinic and can reassure all our supporters that there is a small but brilliantly functioning clinic, built and run with their money. It really is changing people’s lives and growing a community.

And it’s not just the money you give that is appreciated. We’ve described how mothers were so desperate to be included on the list for clothes we’ve brought it caused a riot! It was actually quite difficult to see mothers holding out their babies, desperate to be given some clothes.

And as we left the slum on our last day we met children coming home from school, clutching their pencil cases and Olveston School bags. It was wonderful to see them being used, in a way that was not at all staged for our benefit. One boy had written his name beautifully on his bag. These are lasting gifts, and the impact is also to tell people across the world that others care for them and are aware of the conditions they live in. If we all thought about our “neighbours” around the world, it would be a different place.

Our trip was amazing – emotional, challenging but ultimately satisfying. We found a clinic that is functioning well and delivering a well-needed service. Thank you to all who have followed our progress and sent messages. Thank you also to those who have donated to ARBAN UK and so made this clinic possible. The people of Jheelpur Slum are amazed but touched that people in a community so far away think about them and care enough to help. So we would like to say thank you on their behalf for all you have done to support ARBAN UK.

Anything you give really is appreciated, every penny. We will be writing a report of our trip and recommendations for the future which we will share here. In the meantime, if you feel able to help support our ongoing work in any way, however small, either as a one-off donation or a regular monthly donation, we would be grateful and it will make a difference to those people you see in the photographs on this website.