Olveston School Fun Run 2014 – this Sunday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next ARBAN UK fund raising event is the Olveston School Fun Run this sunday. Come along and run or support the 1km and 5km fun run through the beautiful South Gloucestershire countryside, in view of the Severn Bridges.


Quiz and curry night

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn November 2013 we held our second quiz and curry night fundraising evening. Well done to The Timelords who won with a very impressive score of 85.5 out of 100. Thank you all for the support, with £1200 raised.

The Olveston School Fun Run

finishThe Olveston School Fun Run, held in aid of ARBAN UK, is now in its third year. In 2014 the event will take place on Sunday 8 June with a 1K race on the school field for young children and a 5K off-road race for all ages. More information is at www.olvestonschoolfunrun.org

Milsted Langdon LLP run the Bristol 10k on behalf of ARBAN UK


Chartered Accountants Milsted Langdon LLP is aiming to mark its quarter-century by raising £25,000 for charity through a wide range of events during 2013.  ARBAN UK has been lucky enough to benefit from this philanthropic decision as, following nominations from their team members, they chose to run the Bristol 10k on behalf of ARBAN UK.  There were seven team members running on 5th May.  Of the seven, only three had ever run this distance before and most said they couldn’t run around the block prior to starting their training.  Following top quality comaraderie and banter during their training, they did really well with all seven completing the course and with very good times (from 43 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes).  After completing the run one of the team members said “I think we all enjoyed it and it helped me keep going knowing we were raising money for such a good cause, but I’m not sure anyone’s lining up for the half marathon just yet!”

If you, your work colleagues, or your friends would like to help us raise funds to keep our clinic in Dhaka open, then please do make contact with us and we will do all we can to help you.

Sally Greenland

ARBAN UK Committee Member

Olveston School Fun Run 2013

The Olveston School Fun Run 2013 is on Sunday 30th June

Find out more and download an application form at


Nearly New Sale, Bristol – Saturday 22 June 2013

Maternity, baby, toddler and children’s clothes, toys and equipment sale, being held in support of ARBAN UK:  We already have lots of things to sell from cloths to cots, prams and car seats all in really good condition.


  • Newman Hall, Grange Court Road, Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol BS9 4DR.  (Opposite the entrance to Red Maids Junior School.
  • View Newman Hall on the map


  • Saturday 22nd June 2013.
  • Gates open for: Sellers at 9.30am. Priority buyers, 10.30am. General buyers, 11.00am

How Much:

  • Price for buyers: £5 for Priority early entrance per adult. General entrance £1 per adult
  • Options for Sellers (to book tables and discuss the other options please contact Sally on the details below):
    • Take a table for £10 and sell your own goods
    • Donate items for us to sell for ARBAN UK.  Please contact Sally in advance (preferred option) and depending on items and your location, she may be able to collect them from you.  Alternatively, bring the items on the day.
    • Bring and sell individual big items such as prams, cots, car seats etc to sell yourself without taking a table and give us 10% of the sale price (this option is available at the digression of the charity committee only)
    • Take a table for free, man it for us and give us the proceeds – we would really welcome your help as well as your stuff!


  • Tea, coffee and homemade cakes for sale.
  • Even if you do not want to buy or sell anything, come and have some top quality refreshments.



Giardia, So Ill, But So Simple To Cure… If You Live In The West

Could you keep clean here?

A week or so before Christmas I started to feel a little unwell, it started as horrid wind and then progressed to diarrhoea.  Within a week, I was feeling really ill and not able to do a lot, I was eating very little and found it harder and harder to look after my two little boys.  I missed out on all the Christmas food and drink (and therefore felt rather sorry for myself), however I had all my family around to help with the boys.  I was able to lounge about and go to bed early.  Eventually after a month, I headed to the doctor, the visit was delayed by short improvements in how I felt (followed by relapses), the Christmas period and the suspicion that they would not be able to help.  The doctor did some tests and told me I had giardia, a parasite that is one of the world’s most common causes of diarrhoeal illness. People or animals carrying giardia in their intestines pass it out in their faeces. The parasite is then spread through poor hygiene or contaminated soil, food or water.  With a tough outer shell, the parasite can survive for long periods outside a host body, such as in soil or water. A person only needs to pick up a few giardia cysts for infection to develop within their gut.  Thankfully it is treatable with antibiotics and relatively rare in the UK – within 24 hours of starting treatment I was feeling almost normal.

I was ill for long enough to know how debilitating it was.  Imagine how it would be if you lived in a slum, could not afford tests or antibiotics and had to live with this parasite.  Now add in having to work (long hours) or your family won’t eat and when you do get home, you are living in one room with your large family, no running water and no way of keeping your hands really clean.  Before you know it other members of the family have caught it too – what if that is your husband and he struggles to work too, or your baby, we all know diarrhoea can be a killer in babies when left untreated…

All I can say is that this was a real eye opener.  The ARBAN UK committee is working so hard to raise relatively small amounts of money to keep the clinic we have managed to build open and treating these seemingly minor illnesses – things we take for granted in the UK, but which can mean tragedy in places like Jheelpur Slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Every pound we raise goes straight to pay for the doctor and drugs in the slum, let us hope we can continue to raise enough to keep it open and stop people having to live with such simply cured and debilitating illnesses.

Dress a Girl Around the World

Girls in dressesDress a Girl Around the World is a US charity which asks us to “imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress”.

The inspiration to achieve this is by encouraging people to make very simple dresses – from a pillow case or 1m of fabric.

Dresses are then sent to charity representatives who distribute the dresses to girls all over the world.

The following is a link to an easy to follow dress tutorial written by Karen Mills-Thomas, the representative for Virginia, USA. http://dressagirlaroundtheworld-va.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/how-to-make-best-dress-ever-tutorial.html

If you feel inspired to make a dress, details of international representatives can be found on the website. If you are in the UK you can send any dresses to us and we will distribute them in Jheelpur Slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Construction & Doctor Consultations in Jheelpur



Children and their Clothes in Jheelpur Slum